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Every person has a unique set of talents that allows them to perform at above average levels with an average effort. If you don’t know your ‘strengths’ and motivation, how will you excel and accomplish something significant?  Read More…

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Know and Grow…

We have been writing about talent and motivation and helping people succeed for more than 30 years. Tap into the insights and knowledge on this site that can help you become the person you want and need to be!  Read More…


Licensing and Partnerships

An exciting business opportunity is available within specific areas or countries to bring the “Find Your Amazing” curriculum to private and public educators. Read More..

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We Coach and Mentor

Can’t come to the Forerunner School? We have coached and mentored individuals from far and near to be the change that they want to see! One-on-one coaching is a wise investment in your success!  Read More…


TFP News/ Volunteer

From time-to-time we have opportunities for volunteers to work side-by-side with experienced and accomplished leaders and teachers. Stay up-to-date with TFP news and volunteer opportunities here.  Find out more …..


Tell Us About You…

At The Forerunner Project we’re all about you! Open the conversation by telling us about your hopes, dreams and desires and what you need to live them. Tell Us …..


Our Story – Our Projects

Since our beginning in 2003, we’ve launched many initiatives in order to encourage, teach, and empower people to accomplish more with their lives..  There is More…

What Is a Forerunner

What Is a Forerunner?

We often believe that other people are special and that’s why they accomplish what they do. But you’re special, too! You don’t have to accomplish other people’s goals; you just have to believe you can reach your own – find YOUR amazing!  Read More…

Why Are Forerunners Important

Why Are Forerunners Important?

A lot of people don’t like change, but if there were no change, we’d all still be living in huts! Others love change and are drawn to building and innovating – they see the advantages of change and push the world along to a better life. Read More…


Am I a Forerunner?

So who are these people who love and pursue change? Who are the creators, innovators, reformers and builders? Seems like there are lots of us! Ask yourself: Am I a Forerunner? Take The Test …..

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