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TFP Newsletter – June 2016

Hi Everyone, we have a lot of new stuff to share with you.

In this edition of TFP News…….
– New website now online – Take the “Are You A Forerunner?” test
– Intern Program begins September – December
– TFP needs an office and apartment (donated) in Waterloo Region
– The Forerunner “Find Your Amazing! School” starts January 2017 in Costa Rica
– New Forerunner Facebook presence
– Join The Forerunner Project – contribute your talents, ideas and financial support

The New Website Is LIVE!

The new TFP website features the Forerunner International (Find Your Amazing!) School. Check
out the curriculum outcomes, dates, and fees and take the “Are You A Forerunner?” test. Click here:  and give us your feedback. More new kool content-rich features will be added to the site this fall.

Intern Program
We have been working for more than a year on developing an Intern Program, with the assistance of the Canadian Embassy in Central America, which will bring Costa Rican youth to Canada. The students will develop skills and be mentored in their field of interest by professionals and they will also assist TFP in marketing the “Find Your Amazing!” school starting Jan. 2017 in Costa Rica. For more information check the TFP website “News Blog” here:

Note: We need a very inexpensive office, small apartment, or families willing to billet these 2 interns. It will bring young native Spanish speaking people (fluent in English) into your home! Most importantly, they are really intelligent, well mannered young people in their mid-20s who are excited and very grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer and learn with us in Canada!

Find Your Amazing! School Starts Jan 2017 in Costa Rica!
We have taught much of this content in various settings before, but now it will be available in one (amazing!) place, at one time. The school focuses on experiential learning, guest speakers, and mentorships within a culture of adventure and possibility. This approach will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the curriculum. Do you know someone who would benefit from these courses? Get the scoop here:

TFP Facebook
We have committed to a greater presence on FB and have been actively posting ‘uniquely Forerunner’ content about Forerunner ideas, ideals and issues. The articles, posters, and videos are short, powerful, and inspiring ‘introductions’ to forerunners who are making positive change in our world. Help us spread the Forerunner word! ‘Share’ our posts with your FB friends and give us the thumbs up (like us) here:

Forerunner Blog – Coming Soon!
We have created some great interviews with some amazing forerunners through our ‘This is Wisdom’ radio program, the ‘Forerunner Column’, and the ‘From 10,000 Feet’ blog. We are in the process of migrating that material to the new TFP website, as well as continuing to tell new stories about exceptional forerunners. The link to this material is currently ‘under construction’ but we hope to have this new blog and ‘magazine’ available in the fall.

Looking for a place to make a difference?
Do you identify with forerunners and the work of The Forerunner Project? We invite you to ‘hang with us’ and enjoy this crazy and exciting journey! Every day we are invigorated with passion, purpose, and possibility (fresh inspiration) to ‘Bring the Forerunners Together’ and to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

Now more than ever, we want and need your expertise, suggestions, network of friends, financial support, and hands and feet to make us better and more effective.

If TFP is ‘your people’….you are invited to join the fun! Let’s talk about what you would like to do to make your mark on the world! We need a retired educator who enjoys sales, and a fundraiser who enjoys networking, planning events and working with people – KNOW ANYONE?

P.S. The Forerunner Project Inc. is a federally chartered charity (2003). Financial donations or gifts in kind will be issued Canadian tax deductible receipts.

Paul and Marg Weigel
The Forerunner Project Inc.

Volunteer OPPORTUNITY in Canada


Conestoga River

Come Learn With Us….in Canada!

The OPPORTUNITY: to add practical experience and success to your resume, education and talents, and gain recognition for your accomplishments.

TFP Logo Icon - footerThe Forerunner Project Inc.(national charity since 2003) has an opportunity for 2 interns to work under the guidance of Canadian professionals and the administrative team to implement and achieve the vision and goals of the organization.

The Intern will work with private schools and universities throughout the Americas, as well as market (online) directly to students. Knowledge of online marketing, website development, and some sales experience would be helpful but not required. Speaking and comprehending English is required. The Intern will be immersed in an English speaking culture and can expect to improve their English skills significantly.

The 4 month placement (which could be extended) is located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Waterloo was designated as the ‘most intelligent community in the world’ in 2007 by The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF- New York). There are over 750 high-tech companies in the region and Waterloo is an extremely progressive, model community with thought-leaders from many fields.

The Intern must be able to travel to the placement – a visa may be required. TFP will assist the Intern with meeting all immigration requirements. The placement runs from August through November.

Travel expenses, housing, and food during the placement are included. The Interns must cover their personal expenses and travel to the placement – some assistance with travel may be available. Please contact us for more information.

The Intern will:

  • assist with the maintenance of the TFP website and social media platforms
  • help plan TFP events
  • assist with the production of video interviews including editing video and audio
  • speak (3-5 minutes) to small groups about life in Costa Rica
  • assist with managing speaking engagements
  • help plan logistics for the “Find You Amazing!” school to be held Jan-Mar 2017 in Costa Rica.

Other Activities

  • be mentored by local experts in their field of interest
  • attend events that will help them advance within their field of interest
  • visit arts and cultural events and tourist locations in Ontario, Canada.

The candidate will have the opportunity to work closely, in a mentor relationship, with highly talented and experienced professionals. This is an opportunity to learn how to be successful in achieving your goals with the support and guidance of seasoned professionals.

To apply for this position, contact us by email with your up-to-date resume and 2 paragraphs describing why you are “perfect” for this opportunity. Click the logo below to start your application.

The New Website is Live!

It’s a new day for the Forerunner Project! We have a brand new website with new opportunities for you to learn and grow and achieve your goals!

The Forerunner International School offers leading-edge learning programs in a variety of formats such as short-term 3-month schools, short courses, seminars and webinars.

Invite your friends to join the conversation at our Forerunners in Action Blog (check the Menu). There are plenty of opportunities to find answers to the tough questions we all face in life and you can meet and hang out with people who care about the things that matter to you.