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This site provides numerous opportunities for anyone interested in discovering their strengths and weaknesses. Insights and advice are included to help you start or manage a project to success. The following are some of the ways to learn, grow and discover.


Everyone has talents and strengths that they have not yet discovered. We are all capable of more than we imagine – we just don’t know what we are able to do. When we “play” to our strengths and “cover” our weaknesses, we have the greatest chance of succeeding in life! Find out how you can discover yourself at the Forerunner International School!

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Not everyone may be able to participate in the Forerunner School at its 2 locations, but there are alternatives! Many of our students receive regular, one-on-one coaching from a knowledgeable and experienced FIS mentor with whom they can reflect on their success and challenges. Check out our “Get to Know Us Coaching Special”.

Find Your Amazing

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