The Forerunner School

Every person has talents and abilities which when nurtured and encouraged could have a significant and positive impact on the world. We believe that until a person is aware of their talents and strengths, their motivation, and how to successfully lead people and a project, everything else is irrelevant.

Most people believe that they’re living below their potential; they’ve never been taught how to discover what it is they have to give to humanity and how to do it. The Forerunner (International) School is the only school in the world that teaches this curriculum and in this way. We ‘teach to the test’ by providing people with what they need in order to take their place in the world.

The curriculum has been developed by our founder over the past 30 years and has been refined to create an experience which is inspiring, empowering and transformational.

Discover Talents You Never Knew You Had

Every person has a unique set of talents that allows them to perform at above average levels with little effort – that’s what a talent is! Many of these ‘strengths’ are not visible to the person and some are in the process of emerging. FIS will help you discover the talents you never knew you had and learn how to better use the ones you do have!

What are you motivated to do?

Talented people are common, but what sets people apart is their motivation.  What are you motivated to do? Most people don’t know, but it’s not supposed to be like that. You can’t live a full and happy life without a purpose. FIS will give you the tools to discover what really matters to you and how to nurture your passion.


Everybody wants to accomplish something significant. We all want to rise to the top and reveal who we really are – yet few people do. They’ve never been taught how to manage a project or how to overcome unexpected obstacles they will face. They don’t have the skills or character to “be” the person they need to be in order to accomplish their objectives. We teach people what they need to know and be, in order to succeed.

Who is this School For?

The Forerunner School provides a rich experience that will change your life, forever. Everyone wants a fuller more meaningful life. The learning experience at FIS has been mobilized into several different types of opportunities for the student.

Find Your Amazing!
Our full school runs for 2 months and is offered three times a year. It would be of particular interest to:

  1. Gap Year Students
  2. Career or Studies Break students
  3. Crossroads Students
  4. Recent Graduates
  5. Retirees – looking to re-purpose their life

Our short courses are designed to appeal to everyone.

The “Find Your Amazing!” School consists of 3 modules:

Module 1: Find Your Amazing!
•    Identifying Your Unique and often hidden Abilities,
Preferences, Talents and Strengths
•    Discovering Why and How to Best Use Your Talents
•    Enhancing Your Communication Skills
•    Evaluating Your Ideas
•    Nutrition and Personal Health – Part 1

Module 2: Live Authentically
•    Motivational Abilities and Living with Purpose
•    Aligning Motivation to Purpose
•    Implementing Motivation Through Project Management
•    Leadership and Team Building
•    Change and Change-makers
•    Developing Focus and Intensity and Learning How to Renew Vision
•    Living Authentically as an “Insider” or “Outsider”
•    Project Resource Development
•    Developing and Refining People Skills
•    Nutrition and Personal Health – Part 2

Module 3: Become To Overcome
•    How to Make Change by ‘Becoming to Overcome’
•    The Importance of Character Development and Values
•    Advanced People Skills
•    Advanced Project Management
•    Overcoming the Fear of Success
•    Nutrition and Personal Health – Part 3

Curriculum Delivery Model:
•    Experiential learning through group activities and personal projects
•    One-on-one personal coaching and mentoring
•    Guest Speaker Presentations by leaders in change-making
•    Drama and Role Playing
•    Small Groups
•    Workshops and Classroom
•    All within an adventurous, intellectually stimulating, and positive learning  environment!

Engagement Skills Development
•    Online and Traditional Marketing
•    Idea Development and Project Management
•    Event Production
•    Creativity and Ideas
•    Arts and Music
•    Organic Food Production
•    Social Justice and Innovation

Unconfirmed Guest Speakers – Costa Rica
•    Garfield Mahood – International Tobacco Policy Leader
•    Robert Simpson – Games Business – Civil Rights’ Reformer
•    Erika Bagnarello – Communicator – Film Maker
•    Gail Nystrom – Social Services Innovator
•    Eric Semeillon – International Seed Banks

You will:
•    Identify your motivational abilities and discover, through one-on-one coaching, direction and priorities for your career choices (become self-aware)
•    Become aware of your strengths and weaknesses and know how to capitalize on them (enhanced self-esteem)
•    Learn how to take care of yourself – personal health and nutrition
•    Understand team building, role preferences, and project management in the context of best using people’s abilities
•    Discover what character traits you need to develop in order to become successful
•    Understand how to prioritize and become ‘objective focused’
•    Develop problem-solving skills
•    Enhance your entrepreneurial skills
•    Gain the foundation for living an authentic, purposeful, happy and meaningful life

Additional Benefits:
•    Exciting Adventures in Costa Rica or Ontario Canada!
•    Cultural Immersion!
•    Native-speaking (foreign language) Immersion!
•    Friendships with like-minded people!
•    Make a positive contribution to other people’s worlds through group projects

Our goal is to equip individuals within the safety and synergy of community to make a significant and positive contribution to our world.

The Adventure!

We believe in the power of adventure – it expands our horizons, it opens us to new possibilities, and has the power to change us! That’s why adventure is a big part of our curriculum – and Costa Rica is an adventurer’s dream!

1. Costa Rica is one of the most visually beautiful places on the earth with diverse landscapes varying from topical rain forest jungles, to Switzerland-like valleys, and lush cloud forest mountain tops, to miles of palm-tree lined sandy beaches. It’s a small country, yet within 50 km, the climate and the vistas can be entirely different, and incredible!

2. There are so many fun things to do in Costa Rica! Ride a zipline through the jungle, learn to surf, relax on hundreds of beaches, hike to a mountain top, and cool off in a waterfall. There are places to fish, see monkeys, toucans, sea crocodiles, green parrots, scarlet macaws, and pasotes in the wild, and there’s more! Costa Rica is one the best places in the world to see butterflies, in particular, the amazing Blue Morpho!

3. Costa Rica has several dormant and active volcanos, sea turtles, whale watching, hot-springs, great coffee, local topes (parades) for horses, and colourful ox cart processions, cultural festivals….and we’re just getting started!

3. The climate in Costa Rica is excellent during the winter (Dec-May)! It’s hot (30-33C) along the beaches, but in the mountains the climate is ‘fresh and spring like’ with daytime highs of 25-27C, low humidity, and sunshine every day! At higher elevations, you might even need a light jacket.

4. There are SO many cool things to do in Costa Rica that you could spend an entire year there and never do them all! But something that will make your adventure even more memorable…is the people! The ‘Ticos’ are warm, friendly, and fun-loving people who greet each other with “Pura Vida”, which means (among other things) ‘enjoy life to its fullest’!

Costa Rica Has it All!

Cloud Forests    Surfing    Hiking    Waterfalls        Monkeys

Beaches    Ox Cart Parades    Scarlet Macaws    Sunshine

Pura Vida!    Spanish Culture and Language         Spectacular Trees

Volcanoes        Butterflies        Mountains        Exotic Flowers

Why the Forerunner School?

Most people would benefit from the FIS because it offers a unique learning experience. The content is original; the delivery system is leading-edge.

We are committed to providing the student with more than a sterile classroom experience. Learners learn by doing and being challenged with obstacles which through the experiences with others like our teachers, mentors and coaches, they learn how to overcome. Our guest lecturers don’t lecture, they tell their stories and connect with students one-on-one providing them with opportunities to gain the knowledge they need from people who have done what they want to do.

Every student will be engaged in a project which becomes their ‘teacher’. The project demands of them things they will need to learn or grow into. In addition to our mentor program, guest lecturers and practical teaching, FIS offers regular group and one-on-one coaching to guide the student into greater confidence and to sharpen their skills.

FIS believes that like-minded people enhance the talents and motivation of each other. This synergistic atmosphere is an environment which can not be underestimated. In addition to this synergy, regular diversions of recreation and adventure help the learner process their experiences and gain insights and perspective into what they are learning. In order for the learning experience to have longevity and be transformational, it has to be fun!

We believe these elements combined with our unique content help make the Forerunner International School a world-leader in empowering people to reach their potential. Come and join us!

Next Schools

Find Your Amazing Weekends, and Evening
Weekends: Friday (7-9pm) Saturday (9am-3pm)
Evenings: 5pm-9pm (2 consecutive days)
Location: Throughout Ontario, Canada
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Next “Adventure” School
Find Your Amazing – 9 Weeks (in English)
Locations: Atenas, Costa Rica, and Ontario, Canada
Fees and dates: Contact us for Details

NOTE: Fees include course tuition, meals and accommodation. All other expenses such as travel, medical insurance (if required), and personal needs and expenses are the responsibility of the student. Contact “Admissions” for more information about these items. Contact Here

Next Weekends and Evening Schools
Locations: Throughout Ontario, Canada

Find Your Amazing, Living and Authentic Life, Becoming to Overcome
Weekends: Friday (7-9pm) Saturday (9am-3pm)
Evenings: 5pm-9pm (2 consecutive days)
Location: Throughout Ontario, Canada
Dates: There are no public events currently being scheduled

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How to Apply

    1. Complete the “Application for Admission” below and submit it by email.
    2. When your application has been accepted, you can pay the tuition which is due, online within 7 days. You can use your credit card (via PayPal on this site under “Contact“) or by other means by contacting the registrar.
    3. Submit the “Student Profile” 30 days prior to the school start date. (it will be sent to you upon acceptance of your Application)
    4. Prepare for the best time in your life!