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The Forerunner School presents weekend seminars that are based on the 3 main modules that make up the “Find Your Amazing” curriculum. Some seminars are sponsored by the Forerunner School, others are initiated by community organizations such as the Lions or Rotary Clubs, Junior Achievement or Optimist Clubs. Book a seminar today for the people in your community!

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The Forerunner Project Seminars

Forerunner School – Find Your Amazing
Seminar – Find Your Amazing

This well-crafted seminar gives participants the tools to discover strengths and weaknesses they never knew they had, and to understand how these talents should inform their life choices.

Seminar – Get Purpose, Get Passion
The founder of McDonalds, Ray Kroc, once said: “It is common to find talented people doing very little with what they have.” What is the secret to success – is it motivation? Why are some people motivated, while others are not? There is an answer!

Seminar – Becoming to Overcome
We have been told: “Become the change you want to see.” But what does that mean? How can we change and what must we change in order to model positive change for the world? Who we are plays a significant role in our successes and our failures.


The Forerunner School of Social Transformation
Seminar – Becoming The Change

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.” The secret to changing the world is “Becoming in order to Overcome” but what does that mean?

Seminar – The Power of (Intentional) Communities
Multi-generational, synergistic, intentional community is the equivalent ‘nuclear energy’ of this generation and it has been largely ignored.

Seminar – Community Leaders
Cities across the world have been founded on premises that no longer exist. Now they need to be re-founded. How can you re-found your city?

Seminar – What Is A Forerunner?
This seminar includes these topics: What is a forerunner?  How to live a successful life as a forerunner. How to manage and motivate forerunners. How to raise forerunner children.

Seminar – The ART OF Change-Making
Music and art have played an important role in change-making. This seminar and presentation helps artists and leaders understand the role of art in social reformation.

Seminar – Living Authentically
We are all challenged by what we are discovering about the world we live in. It’s not what we thought it was. How should we live in light of the chaos and anarchy in today’s world?

Seminar – The Power of Synergy
Discover the universal advantage of synergy and learn how to create it and use it to accomplish otherwise impossible tasks.

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The Forerunner Project offers speakers for events and clubs on topics which will inform and inspire the listener. Some Topics include: “Living with Purpose”, “Community Leadership”, “Re-purposing Your Life After Retirement”, “Traveling to Costa Rica”, “Raising a Forerunner Child“, and “Becoming a Forerunner Friendly Company”.

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.....I think your seminar has the potential to rock people's world.

I learned a lot about me I didn't know and I am a parent - every school should be teaching this material. Every person needs it!

This seminar changed my wife’s life.....thank you!

Your concepts are fascinating and inspiring, it was all new to me.