What is a Forerunner?

Within every society there are people who are intrinsically motivated to build, create, innovate, and reform. These are the visionaries, pioneers, leaders and reformers who believe that there is always a better way to do things.

They can be found in every occupation, institution, and strata of society. They are the non-conformists who question protocol and who are passionate about making things better. They are sometimes called “boat-rockers” and “square pegs” but we call them “forerunners” because they are the forerunners of the age-to-come. They see a vision of the future and use their talents and passion to bring it into the present. They are one of humanity’s greatest resources.

Many of our institutions are not equipped to deal with forerunners. Most businesses and schools resist change. Forerunners are, therefore, widely misunderstood, often isolated, sometimes suppressed and frequently marginalized. These people, however, are responsible for most of the advancement in technology, education, government, law, arts and entertainment, and communications – because they think ‘outside the box’. Forerunners are compelled to bring change and expand the boundaries of knowledge and professional practice in whatever domain they are engaged.