Why Are Forerunners Important?

The Forerunner Generation
For the past 60 years, the western world has experienced a sustained technological revolution unlike anything in the past. After every technological revolution, history reveals that there has been a social reformation following close behind. Every domain of society is challenged to catch up to the technological advances.

Today, business, science, government, education, media, entertainment, the arts, and religion are all in various stages of a great reformation.The technological revolution which has occurred, and continues, demands the biggest social reformation in recorded history.

If the past 40 years have been the era of the “techno-geek”, then we have entered into the era of the “forerunner generation”.

The Challenges Are Great
This generation of forerunners will have to discover solutions to problems of cataclysmic proportion. The challenges are great. Positive change is our only solution. Fortunately, forerunners are intrinsically equipped to overthrow the past and reform the present. They will prepare the earth and humanity for a new era. Everyone has a role.