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Millions of Christians are experiencing something they don’t understand. In the midst of financial, relational, or medical difficulties, they feel that God is far away. The Bible specifically tells us that every believer will experience what has been called the wilderness. It also commands us to abide in Christ and be fruitful or be cut off.

A Journey In The Wilderness – Becoming Fruitful In The Kingdom, is a new book which explains God’s purpose for the Wilderness and His warnings to us so we can avoid its pitfalls.

The wilderness is the place God prepared all the valiant men of the Bible. Jesus, Moses, David, Paul, and Joseph and many others spent time being prepared for their place of service to God. The wilderness is an important and yet rarely taught on part of the Christian life. Some believe that it is “not faith” to acknowledge that there can be times, appointed by God, of unrelenting difficulty; but to deny the wilderness as part of the Christian life is to put ones head in the sand.

In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul warned the church about the pitfalls of the wilderness and not to be surprised when they go through it. He used Israel’s failings in the desert to warn them. A Journey In The Wilderness will help today’s Christians to not lose sight of their promise and destiny in the mire of mortgages, careers and daily living. Every Christian has a destiny and for God the deal is STILL ON.

The wilderness process is an important principle of the Kingdom for every believer to understand. Without understanding, it is easy to run aground on apathy, unbelief, hopelessness and wrong priorities. A Journey In The Wilderness gently brings understanding and meaning in a big picture overview of the purposes and ways of God with His people.

Why do Christian go through difficulties and face trials which the Lord could easily remove from their life, yet He doesn’t? Why does He allow us to suffer? Can God be trusted? Paul warns us in 1 Corinthians 10 that this part of the Christian life will either make us bitter and barren or faithful and fruitful. A Journey In The Wilderness answers the “difficult questions”, and points out the pitfalls which can shipwreck a Christian in their call to fulfill their destiny.

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Author & Speaker: Paul K. Weigel About the Author:   Paul K. Weigel is a writer, speaker and communications consultant having worked for 100 Huntley Street, Every Home For Christ and serving on several ministry board of directors. He has written and published the acclaimed church outreach newspaper “Relationships” with circulation of more than 100,000 homes. He has associate produced the feature documentary “Apples of Gold” and hosted several radio programs including, "Everything Under The Son" and the nationally syndicated show, “Forerunner Arts and Media” Program. 

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