A Journey In The Wilderness

A Journey In The Wilderness - Book

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A Journey In The Wilderness

Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE: Becoming Fruitful In The Kingdom
Part of our make-up as human beings is to find purpose for our life. God made us this way so He could fulfill us with His purpose and thereby bring pleasure to us, and glory to Himself. Every Believer is being prepared for ministry to God as the pure and spotless Bride of Christ.

CHAPTER TWO: Preparation For Ministry
All of the ordinary men of the Bible where prepared, and thereby became fruitful and great in God's eyes. They are an example to us. God's preparation can not be learned from books but only by walking obediently to the Holy Spirit.

The human heart is the window through which God can reach this world. He is Spirit and through our spirit He is manifest. Therefore the condition of our heart influences the quality of our ministry. Preparation for ministry is the preparation of our heart. Even though we have eternal life with one prayer, it is the systematic, progressive defeat of the Adamic Nature by the Holy Spirit which brings us into fruitfulness and the Abundant Life.

CHAPTER FOUR: Why The Wilderness?
The Wilderness is God's chosen place of testing and preparation. It is here that David, Moses and Israel, learned obedience to the Holy Spirit. In the Wilderness they were humbled and gained the grace for their ministry.

CHAPTER FIVE: The Allegory Of The Children Of Israel
1 Corinthian 10, says that the story of the Children Of Israel was given to us for our understanding and warning. Their story is not only about them, it is about how God redeems His people. Every stage of their journey is an example to us of what and how God works in our life to make us prosperous in the Kingdom.

CHAPTER SIX: Stage One - The Wilderness
In the Wilderness God tested Israel by allowing them to be in need. They lost site of their vision. It exposed Israel's unbelief. Today's believer may become "shipwrecked" on bitterness, materialism, and other forms of coping if they don't understand what God is doing with them, or how they should respond. There are specific tools given to us to defeat the unbelief resident in every person's heart.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Stage Two - Jericho
The walls of Jericho are the walls we have built to protect us from wounding. They become a prison when we come to Christ. When we can't experience intimate fellowship with Christ because of them, we substitute the Gospel of Grace for religion. The Holy Spirit brings down these walls, and with it our legalistic religion.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Stage Three - The Seven Nations
Every person has emotional needs which God created in us so He could fulfill them. When we are cut off from Christ's provision for them, we must work to get them met by our own efforts. As long as we have unmet temporal, emotional or spiritual needs we can not do ministry from unconditional agape love for others. God looks on the heart and the motive for our ministry. If we allow Christ to put to death our efforts to get our needs met, He will meet them. We will then be able to minister and disarm those fearful of being hurt, with unselfish love.

CHAPTER NINE: Resurrection Of The Spirit Man
To learn the difference between good and evil is to have your senses trained to discern between the Spirit of God and the religious Flesh. When the Flesh is dead, Christ resurrects the Spirit Man in us which is the only way we can be like Him.

CHAPTER TEN: The Victorious Church
In the Kingdom it is death that brings new life, and humility that brings the grace that saves us. Today's church is being driven into the wilderness, in preparation for the greatest victories it has ever seen. It is the righteous deeds of the saints out of pure hearts, and the refined gold of Godly character, that will be used to adorn and rebuild the New Temple of God.

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