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A Journey In The Wilderness

Page 8/9 Becoming Fruitful

The Scriptures document many instances of God’s discipline, purging and sanctifying process in preparation for ministry. They are examples for us of how God calls us and then prepares us before we are commissioned into service. In the most recent years, there have been many prophetic words proclaiming that God is raising up an army. This is the “call”. The process of sanctification is the “boot camp” of preparation which precedes it.

Part of our makeup as human beings is to find a purpose for our life. God made us this way so He could fulfill us with His purpose and thereby bring pleasure to us, and glory to Him. It is part of His plan for His Body. As a member of the Body of Christ, every person has a unique place of service. We were reborn into this new life which is characterized by abundant fruitfulness, to bear fruit. It is not our efforts which produce fruitfulness but rather, fruitfulness is the work of the Holy Spirit. Our calling to service to Jesus is not necessarily some physical activity (although it often is), rather, it is a spiritual cooperation with the Holy Spirit to produce fruitfulness not only in others’ lives, but first and foremost in our own lives.

Our North American concept of fruitfulness is not necessarily God’s concept of fruitfulness. We may have visions of preaching to a football stadium of people or praying for the sick. We may have thoughts of successful ministry through business and giving millions of dollars to the work of the Kingdom. All of these things may be a result of fruitfulness. This, however, is not the essence of fruitfulness, but rather the manifestation of it. Fruitfulness is the acquisition of the treasure of the Kingdom. Receiving life from the Holy Spirit and surrendering to His pruning will produce the fruit of the Kingdom of God which is our first service to Him. Therefore, this process of sanctification is for every Believer. Every person who confesses Christ as Lord and Saviour is destined for sanctification, purging, and preparation to reign forever with Him. We are commanded to be fruitful by abiding in the ongoing flow of life and sanctification of Jesus (Matt. 15:1-8). It is His work in us which produces the fruit, and it is the fruit which is our ministry to God. Outward signs of ministry may not necessarily be fruitfulness since Jesus warned about doing the work of the Kingdom out of an impure motive. These can be dead works which do not flow out of the life we draw from Christ.

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