A Journey In The Wilderness

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A Journey In The Wilderness

From Page 17, All of God's Great Men Were Prepared

All of the great men of the Bible were prepared for their ministry by God. These men were quite ordinary before God did His work of preparation. Most of them had obvious character flaws which God healed and strengthened so that their weakness became their greatest strength. When we worship Jesus and the Father in Heaven for all eternity, it will be in part because of His masterful redemption of His beloved Bride. We will overcome enemies much stronger than ourselves because of His “fathering” in our life. We think that when we meet Moses or King David or the Apostle Paul in Heaven, we will be in awe of their exploits, but we have the same God as they do, and He has not changed. They were just as broken and weak as we are, yet God caused them to conquer their enemies. This is one of the most important messages of the Bible. God can do powerful things with anyone who is surrendered to Him. In this season of restoration and glorification of the Church, we can expect that God will sanctify his prophets, teachers, apostles, evangelists and pastors. He will strengthen them so that the Devil will have nothing in which to gain a foothold in their life. He will armor them with righteousness and cause them to overcome the Flesh, the world, and the Devil. Scripture chronicles some of the patriarchs’ journey with God. Those journeys reveal some of the ways God prepares His people for their ministry. Their lives have become examples for our own personal preparation for ministry.

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