A Journey In The Wilderness

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A Journey In The Wilderness

From Page 30/31, The Heart of Man

It is the Heart which is spirit and which has within it the capacity to know and love God. Because it is in the spirit realm that we interact with God and do our ministry, it is this part of us that is critical to our preparation for ministry. By being prepared, we are transformed on the spirit level so we can fully surrender to the Holy Spirit and overcome the Old Nature. This is fundamental to Christianity, but, as God prepares us, this is the point at which we “live” or die in the Wilderness. Being set aside fully for the Lord is the foundation, not only for our ministry, but for personal peace, joy, provision, authority, and the love which needs to be the motive for ministry. Without these qualities, we cannot be fruitful in ministry. There may well be a great deal of activity, but changing a Heart is a spiritual matter which can only be done Spirit to spirit. If love is not the motive, then the Spirit of God is not in the ministry, and it will not bear fruit. Fruitful ministry will last forever and can endure the test of God’s consuming fire.

The human Heart is the window through which God can reach this world. He is Spirit and it is through our spirit He is manifested. The condition of our Heart, therefore, influences the purity of our ministry. Preparation for ministry is for the most part, the purging and preparation of the Heart.

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