A Journey In The Wilderness

A Journey In The Wilderness - Book

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A Journey In The Wilderness

From Page 39/40, What Kind Of Minstry?

It is not popular to preach suffering and humility, since that is not “seeker sensitive”. We have many methods and gimmicks for making the Church successful, because it is success we believe to be our goal, but this kind of success is the desire of the Flesh. Success is God’s responsibility. Our objective should be to walk obedient to the Spirit, wherever that might take us. This is the success which produces treasure in Heaven. It could look like failure on earth. Jesus’ ministry was a spiritual success, even though in the natural He would appear to have been a loser of losers. Our ministry should not be judged in the natural either. It is in the spirit realm and it takes faith to invest our life in that which cannot be seen with human eyes. Unfortunately, many of our objectives and ministry goals are carnal, because tangible, successful ministry makes us look good. At the root of our motive is the Flesh, not the Spirit, and that kind of ministry will not bear eternal fruit for the Kingdom, but will be burned up at the end of the Age. Paul warned us of this, because it is so easy to fall into. (1 Cor. 3:12-15)

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