Some of our Seminars

Becoming Fruitful in The Kingdom
Everyone is called to ministry as a member of the Body of Christ. We are commanded to be prepared for the Master's use and to become fruitful. Yet much of the Body of Christ is not living in the fulfillment of their personal promises or in the Abundant life. This seminar can be run on a Saturday or on two consecutive evenings. It will teach the participants to:

  • Master the disciplines of the disciple. These tools are essential for any disciple to walk with God in the Spirit and abide in Christ.
  • Understand the process and pitfalls of God's preparation for ministry.
  • Know the true meaning of putting on the "full armor of God".
  • Identify and overcome their spiritual weakness with their spiritual strengths
  • Remain on the "path of Life" and find greater love, joy, peace, and power in their personal walk.
  • and much much more.....

This seminar will take a church to the next level of its spiritual walk with God. It is focused on every member bearing eternal fruit and storing up treasure in heaven. The seminar will renew a church's vision and passion for God's purposes in their lives. This seminar is offered to the church on a "love offering basis".

Here is what leaders and participants have said about these seminars and book(s).....Your teaching is very fresh, rooted in your own experience in life, in your own struggles with the Lord, and in the reality that God is not only a promise maker, He is also a promise keeper. He always finishes what he starts. Your life and teaching is a testimony of grace under pressure. Thanks for sharing your life with us.....and for a fine seminar." Pastor Samuel Buick

"Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." Paul is determined not to make this mistake. Not only has he walked through the wilderness, he has committed himself to examine God's purpose for the wilderness in his life, and to do his best to pass on what he has learned to others. - Pastor Edwin Wilson, Kitchener Vineyard Fellowship

Paul's teaching on the Wilderness experience came to me at a time when I was in great turmoil and confusion in my relationship with the church. God used it to give me clearer understanding and greater determination to deal with the issues of my heart. I have been greatly blessed and encouraged by the words of life that came through to me when I was in desperate need of understanding the process of God's dealing with His children. All who love Jesus and want to follow Him should hear this teaching. - Lucy Lambert

It was like a bell went off in my soul ringing with truth. Each time you brought up another point, a song would go off in my head, one of the many He has recently given me in my learning how to rest in Him (for) weeks. It has been reassuring that there are others who are on the highway or at least are seeing the highway. I'm looking forward to being (whatever He wants) in the future, and seeing His kingdom come whatever that may be. Blessings to you in this journey of yours. I'm quite excited about it and how everything all works together. Jane Wojtaszynski/Richardson


Discovering and Nurturing Giftedness
This seminar can be run on a Saturday or on two consecutive evenings.
The participants will:

  • Discover their unique whole person giftedness. They will gain the tools to be able to identify their (and others') talents, skills, spiritual gifts, preferences, calling, ministry, and personal destiny.
  • Learn the keys to nurturing giftedness and purpose in themselves and others.
  • Find the "Pleasure Principle" and how God has built in all of us a simple way to know His guidance for our lives.
  • Receive a deeper understanding of what the Body of Christ is and where they fit into it.
  • Discover how to use the power of Synergy and Multiplication to meet their needs and the needs of others.
  • Find deeper intimacy with Christ.
  • Discover the careful provision God has made for each person's unique role in the Body of Christ.

This seminar is for parents, business people, church leaders, teens and young adults. It is for anyone who wants to understand who God has made them to be, and how to become fruitful in their work and the Body of Christ.

The seminar is provided to the church on a per person registration fee. It is an excellent evangelism tool. It can be offered to the public as well as to other churches. Minimum registration requirements may apply. 

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