Does the Currency Market Make Sense to You?

If you are wondering what’s going on in the currency market the article below pretty much shows how what has happened isn’t the “market” acting rationally. The article indicates that some currencies are so devalued that companies from those countries have evaluations below their asset value. That doesn’t make sense!


The price of oil has fallen below the cost of production…..how can a free market act irrationally? The Euro has fallen by more than 33% in 2015 and they claim it will fall to 1.05 USD by the end of 2016 – but nobody knows, because all of this doesn’t make sense.

It appears that the problem is this: truly ‘free’ markets don’t exist. Other ‘interests’ are ‘working’ the currency and commodities’ markets. Personally, I’ve never believed in the capitalists’ ‘sacrament’ of the so-called ‘free’ market. Markets have NEVER been free.

The “Informed” Point of View

2359-01The US may be ‘managing’ a run-away economy after all the currency they’ve printed. The inflation-driven, so-called “recovery” is about to come back to ‘bite’ them with some wild-fire inflation and they have to raise interest rates (maybe a lot) to slow things down. Sorry Canada and the rest of the world, but you are just collateral damage in this war. De-valuing the Ruble and fighting a commodities’ war (oil) may have a bigger significance than first perceived.

The 10,000 Foot Point of View

War is about conquest. It’s about dominance and submission. It would be hard not to notice the dominance of the USA in world relations. Do they want to control the world completely – one would wonder? Controlling of the world on a greater scale would be a conquest. It would require the submission or surrender of the nations of the earth to one or more nations. Any nation acting towards the domination of other nations could be considered ‘war’. It may not be a military war, but conquest can be achieved in many ways. Most people have thought of World War 3 as a military conflict in which many nations are engaged, similar to WW2. We imagine one of the various military conflicts in the world becoming a universal war – but that may not be reality.

3416-54The ‘currency war’ which is being waged by the US against all other currencies has been passed off as ‘unintentional’; they are JUST fighting the backlash of an inflation-driven “recovery” from a US-induced, world-wide recession. Many currencies have lost 30-50% in the last 18 months. Is that the work of a FREE market and logic, or something else?

You may remember the Canadian Blackberry and its fall from grace and the exaltation of Apple and Steve Jobs in the US media. To their shame, the Canadian media (CBC, Globe and Mail, and others) joined the school-yard bullies as they tried to destroy the company. Google and Facebook dominate the Internet, and in many ways, control it. Is that ‘business war’? The NASA monitors every email. Is that ‘intelligence war’?

1128-02The Tran-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trade In Services Agreement (TISA), and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are initiatives of the USA. Many people claim that these Agreements are undemocratic because they give the US and US Corporations supremacy while placing other nations under duress to participate, or pay the economic consequences. Non-participants are enemies and enemies are punished. The Agreement will lead to the complete control by the US and the eventual destruction and elimination of all currencies, but one. It may effectively eliminate borders and the sovereignty of nations. That is dominance and submission – and that is war.

If you’re waiting for World War 3 to begin, you’ve missed it. The financial 1238-07war has begun. The business war has begun. The trade wars have begun. The currency war has begun. The commodities’ war has begun. Last night, Secretary of Defence Carter said, “…the USA must lead innovation and technology…” in order to “defend” itself. Monsanto has a technology and a plan to completely control all food production in the world. Google and Facebook dominate the Internet and control it in many ways. The technology wars have begun. The NSA monitors emails and influences policies on the Internet in order to spy on average citizens and collect information. The intelligence war has begun.

The last, and certainly not the least, will be the military war(s). Any of the Middle-eastern conflicts could escalate into world-wide war. The biggest challenge for the US will come from Russia and China who will resist their dominance. They have a great deal of national pride and some economic and militaristic power. They will not submit willingly and are, therefore, the biggest potential for military conflict with the US through their various pawns, or even directly.

The media war has begun. The US media has played an important role in keeping the American people afraid of various enemies such as ISIS. They are allowed to exist because their threat is the justification for the plan of dominance.

So the big question is: What does this mean to you and me? I want no part of this war. I have no intention of participating in it. I am going to keep my head down and for me that means taking a defensive position. Choosing not to be part of the war means taking care of yourself by providing the basics for your family; that’s one way to “not participate”. 2462-05Growing your own organic, open pollinated (non-toxic) food, getting your own pure water, and producing your own clean energy may well prove to be wisdom in the long run. Some countries may be better positioned than others to minimize the ‘collateral damage’ in these wars. We don’t really know how best to respond, but we do know that being informed about what’s really going on will help us respond prudently. The challenge for each of us is to not let fear dominate us, but to interpret the signs-of-the-times and to choose with our families a path that is informed and wise.




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