Lunatic or Forerunner of Organic Farming?

It isn’t easy being a forerunner. It usually means that you are out ahead of the pack which can attract some attention. For Murray Bast, in the early 80s, it meant ridicule, opposition and suspicion about his organic approach to farming. The huge agricultural companies promoting chemical farming had all the attention, money and credibility. People took one look at Murray and accused him of being a lunatic. He was just one guy against the giants AND public opinion. He had no slick advertising campaigns and the media didn’t give him the time of day. All he had were countless examples of results of no harmful side effects that supported his claim that natural farming was better and safer. There were times when he felt like giving up because it wasn’t easy being one of the few forerunners in organic agriculture 30 years ago, but his discoveries, methods and products have become the foundation for organic farming world-wide. Murray Bast is a forerunner…and this is his story.


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