More Inconvenient Truth

Since the beginning of the Climate Change War, I have attempted to bring to light some of the less reported information to readers in order to provoke a more informed perspective on the matter. I have been criticized for doing so, but I hardly noticed. Some people feel, I suppose, that the status quo should not be challenged and only the information that supports their point of view should be allowed to be published. No descent is allowed, they believe, in the public’s interest. But the media is full of climate change supporters and very little of the new information which challenges the theories of the ‘qualified” (sic) ever hits the mainstream media. I feel, therefore, it is my duty to update you on a couple of significant new developments which you will not see on the evening news.

One very disconcerting problem in climate change theory is that about 1000 years ago an even more extreme variation (than the current one) in the climate was recorded in Europe. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (the Big-shots in climate change from the UN) assumed and asserted that this was an isolated warming trend and not a global climate fluctuation. But they were “outed” last month by the work of a team of scientists led by geochemist Zunli Lu from Syracuse University who was able to determine that the Antarctic experienced the same warming trend during the medieval period without (obviously) the help of man-made CO2. This discovery hit to the very heart of the IPCC’s claim that climate change is caused by man-made CO2. Without man-made CO2 being the cause of climate change, there is no basis for a carbon tax.

Two important things to also note about this one event are that first, almost nothing was written about this discovery in the media and second, you would have thought that this would be a “checkmate” for the climate change theory. Apparently the ‘Alarmists’ (as some people call them) were oblivious to this serious setback to their theory. The “discovery” was not much more than static on the screen in the information war for the public’s perception on climate change.

Last week, our publicly funded broadcaster published a poll with the headline, “Only 2% of Canadians deny climate change, suggests poll.” At first glance, one would think that the ‘Alarmists’ are winning the information war, but a more careful look proves just the opposite. The study goes on to reveal that only 32% of Canadians believe that man-made CO2 is the sole cause of climate change. The inverse of this is that 68% don’t believe the Big-shots’ theory as told to them. In spite of the barrage of media spin, average Canadians are thinking for themselves – as they should! That gives me hope!

Al Gore was right when he said: “ There is a lot of money to be made in climate change.” A world-wide carbon tax of 1% would bring in trillions of dollars for  governments, businesses, educators and science researchers. If you are wondering about motive – money, lots of it, is the motive. If you still need more evidence to come to an informed conclusion on climate change, then do a thorough investigation into the Big-shots’ solution to man-made CO2 – the carbon tax. You will find a “slight-of-hand” so obvious it wouldn’t “pass” at a small town midway. The tax would do very little to cut emissions and change our lifestyle of consumption. It has more loop-holes than a button factory. You can see why this approach is so popular in some circles. It’s a big gain, no pain solution.

There are other problems with the man-made climate change campaign. Most alarmists mock and marginalize anyone who questions or challenges the Big-shots’ theories. They want us to accept, without question, the theories of some scientists and disregard those of other scientists – the ones they say we should. Their rationale for this is that those who oppose their theories are not creditable; however, they were credible until they questioned man-made CO2 as the cause of climate change. It appears that very credible scientists lost their credibility when they questioned the “powers that be” in science.

Universities, researchers, and government agencies are all under a great deal of pressure to support the man-caused global warming theory because attached to that support are billions of dollars of grants for research. The scientists and researchers who oppose climate change on the other hand have suffered occupational “consequences” for being a voice in the wilderness crying, “the Emperor has no clothes!” What is alarming is that there is little debate about the real issues in the media. Most people have become polarized and radicalized on the issues with little more than sound-bite level information often manipulated by a biased media. Physicist Dr. Howard Lewis resigned after 68 years in the American Physical Society in protest over the Society’s squelching of serious debate on the climate change issue. He summed up his resignation letter with: “Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life.” Check out the full letter of resignation below. He has a lot more to say about this issue.

Right from the early days, fear, manipulation and intimidation were major parts of the climate change campaign to sell the theory and the carbon tax to the public. In the film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore’s most alarming predictions have now been dismissed as “improbable”. The film was light on science and heavy on emotional manipulation. It is fear that pushes us to disengage our perceptions, reason and thoughtful evaluation. Fear is the enemy of truth and freedom and it prevents many people from “seeing” all the evidence and applying “the reasonable doubt” test.

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