The Forgotten Power of Community – Part 1: It’s a Phenomenon

If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone.
If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.

This quote has endured for decades and is still being used today because people recognize it as being truth. Throughout our society, we work and live in community. Corporations, the stock market, towns, villages and cities are expressions of community. Churches, families, and marriages are communities. Even Jesus chose to do his ministry in community.

Communities have inherent advantages that make possible some things that are impossible any other way. Collaboration for a common purpose by two or more persons creates not only the obvious advantages, but also a benefit which defies logic. For example, if you were to measure the maximum pulling capacity of a work horse it would be about 12,000 pounds. If you then measured a team of two horses, their capacity would not be the expected 24,000 pounds, but 32,000 pounds – a 25% increase! Furthermore, increases in ability continue as you add more collaborators.

my horsesHow can you explain the increase? It can not be explained on the temporal dimension; it is a spiritual principle. It is a building block in the Kingdom of God. When two people agree on one thing and believe, they change the spiritual climate and create new possibilities.The potential of community as an agent of change is unequaled. It is a key ingredient in prayer and all other forms of change-making. So, why has community and collaboration not become the phenomenon that it really is?

To be continued……

Comments: where have you used communities to accomplish something that could only be done by a group?

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