A Journey In The Wilderness

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A Journey In The Wilderness

From Page 95, Jericho (Idolatry)

In the Wilderness, God dealt with Israel’s unbelief (rebellion), and at Jericho He dealt with Israel’s idolatry. One of the manifestations of idolatry is (spiritual) stubbornness. We are not obedient to God when we are in idolatry because we have other objectives. Most of us have been beckoned by the Spirit of God to come away and fellowship with Him but we were watching our favourite TV show. We cannot be led by God when we are in idolatry. Idolatry makes us act stubbornly toward the Lord. In its simplest form, it is easy to detect but idolatry is more subtle than this. We can presume we know what God wants and think we are acting for Him when we have not heard or been led by the Holy Spirit. This was the sin that the Pharisees fell into and it is also idolatry. Religious teaching controlled by an idolatrous Heart interprets Scripture without the revelation of the Spirit. We act stubbornly before the Lord because we assume we know; therefore, we take charge. This is the work of the Flesh and not the Spirit. It is common to man, but almost impossible to see in ourselves. Only the “eyes” of the Holy Spirit can discern our Heart.
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