You Can Fight City Hall – Robert Simpson

3117-37No one would imagine that many of the rights and privileges we take for granted as citizens could be taken away without us knowing about it – BUT THEY WERE. One inconspicuous business law made it possible for Sharia Law and laws from other countries and groups to be used in Ontario, instead of  the official Family Law Act. This new law gave power to groups to arbitrate in family disputes as THEY determined, and it greatly diminished our civil rights. Most people didn’t know anything about it and those who did, didn’t see how it eroded our freedoms – except for a few passionate advocates who saw the injustice of this bad law. At great personal expense, they fought ignorance, denial, political posturing, disinformation and the entire Government – just because it was right. Robert Simpson and Homa Arjimond fought “City Hall and won”. They are forerunners…and this is their story.


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